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It is a challenging time for organisations all around. The remote work model is going to stick for some months at least, till the situation improves. But work goes on, the demands on employees and managers do not reduce. One of the major challenges faced by managers in small and medium businesses is managing attendance.

Brio has been offering its cloud-based attendance management solution as part of Perk Payroll since 2012.

As our contribution in the current crisis, we offer you a Lite version with the basic features of attendance management at ZERO cost till 31 December 2020.

No catch! No credit card entry! Just FREE TO USE immediately.


Know Perk Lite

Perk Lite is ideal for organisations with around 500 employees on roll, working from multiple locations or home.

Know Perk Lite

Perk Lite is ideal for organisations with around 500 employees on roll, working from multiple locations or home.

Employee Data
   Organisation Configuration

Create the organisation profile with information on branches, departments, and physical addresses.

Perk Payroll Dashborad
Time & Attendance
   Employee Management

Add the records of employees with employee category (full-time, contract, etc.), reporting manager and other details. Upload the records in bulk.

Employee Self Service
   Time & Attendance

Ensure accurate attendance with selfie clicks on the mobile app. Approve or reject backdated time entry requests, leaves and more.

Employee Self Service

View reports on organisation or employee level attendance, approvals and requests.

Online Payroll
Statutory Compliance
   Mobile App

Experience ease of access with single touch actions enabled through the Perk Lite mobile application.

Statutory Compliance

How Perk Lite Helps


Work smarter

Focus on the work, leave the attendance management to technology. Enable self-service for HR, employees and managers.


Respond faster

Get notified on the mobile app and respond to requests faster. Keep things moving.


Save money

A simple, instantly usable attendance software at zero cost? That’s a no-brainer.


Optimise resources

Eliminate cumbersome data sheet entries and collations. Mobile app time entry makes the task faster and fun with selfie clicks.

save money

Be accessible

Give employees 24x7 access to attendance entry, requests for backdated entry, quick approvals of time-offs and special requests.

Optimize resources

Don’t get boxed

We don't use complexity as an excuse to force you to stay. Move to another vendor easily or upgrade to Perk Payroll . No vendor lock-in contracts.

accessible to staff


Perk Lite is intuitive and easy to use. The online help guide will walk you through the complete process with ease.

accessible to staff


Have a problem with the software? Check the online help guide. If that doesn’t answer your question, we offer email support.

Online Perk Payroll Pricing

Pricing : FREE

What do the basic features include?


  • Mobile app
  • Clock in & out with selfies
  • Create a request for missed punches
  • Keep a track of your own attendance
  • Find details of your colleagues


  • Monitor attendance
  • Track geo location
  • Approvals
  • Reports

    HR / Administrator

  • Employee record management
  • Company dashboard
  • Reports
  • Email support
Online Perk Payroll Pricing

Pricing Plan

Simple & Affordable Price

    1,495 / month
    Base Price includes 30 Employees
    50 / month
    Per Employee
  • Employee Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Payroll Management
  • Taxes
  • Reimbursements
  • Loan Management
  • Document Management
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile App
  • Support 24 Hours
  • Configuration Support 6 Hours
  • Backups
  • Data Retention 24 Months
  • Hand Holding 2 Months
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