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What is Online Payroll?

Online Payroll is simple and reliable cloud-based payroll processing software that’s easy to use, with a do-it-yourself approach. It is ideal for businesses that want a fast, cost-effective way to manage payroll. It is constantly updated to ensure you always conform to the latest tax laws.

Who processes the Payroll?

The payroll is processed by you. If you want us to process your payroll, contact our sales department.

How does online payroll work?

Online Perk payroll works on a SaaS Model (Software as a Service), meaning you just have to focus on running your payroll. You access the payroll solution via internet. You don’t have to bother about installation, maintenance, backups and upgrading of Payroll software. Web browser is all you need to access online payroll.

How can I access Perk Online Payroll?

Online payroll is accessible with a web browser via internet. You and your employees can access Online Payroll from anywhere anytime and from any device. So no spending time sending information to your employees and answering their day to day queries. Perk Online Payroll saves time and effort all around.

Where is online payroll data stored ?

Online payroll is hosted on one of the best data centers at present in the world Microsoft Azure. The software application will not be installed on your local machines. You can access the application and data with a web browser via internet anywhere anytime.

Who can access Perk Online Payroll ?

You will be billed every month for the number of employees your company has. It includes both active and inactive employees. You will be charged Rs. 10/- per month per employee for inactive employees. Please refer Online Perk Payroll Pricing for active employees.

Who do I contact for support?

You are eligible for ‘Phone & Email’ support. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail our Customer Response Center Team: (e) support@online-payroll.in (p)+91-40-66137393 (Monday – Friday Except Holidays 10AM – 6PM IST)

Who can access Online Perk?

You and your employees can access online payroll. You can restrict certain employees access. You can even restrict the place from where they access online payroll (optional).

Why should I move to Online Perk Payroll?

You need personal email for employees. So what do you do? You don’t build a data center, you don’t purchase an emailing software even though you have required hardware. You just open your account by visiting Gmail.com or Yahoo.com or Outlook.com. So when you open an account with any one these email solutions on cloud:
* Do you worry about installing any software ? No.
* Are you bothered how to take backups ? No.
* Do you spend time upgrading this software ? No.
* Do you have limitations of accessing your email anywhere anytime, on any device ? No.
You will enjoy all the above benefits when you move to online payroll. Focus and spend time on running your payroll not on what runs your payroll.

How Secure is Online Perk Payroll?

Online Perk Payroll is hosted with one of the best data center at present (Microsoft Azure) ..
* HTTPS – The application is accessed through 128 SSL (Secured Socket Layer) thus encrypting your data while on internet.
* Auto Locking – User account is automatically blocked if unsuccessful attempts limit is reached in specified duration.
* Session Timeout – No need to worry in case you forget to logout. You automatically log out if your login is idle for specified duration. Learn more on Perk Payroll security.

Is any help available during setup ?

You can contact support team in case you require help for any issue.

Can I Subscribe only for a particular module of Payroll Software?


Is support included in the monthly subscription?

You are entitled to unlimited online support during your subscription period.

Do I need to pay for upgrades ?

No, you only pay the monthly subscription fee.

When will I start getting charged ?

You will be charged on the 10th of every month.

What is the frequency of billing?


What are the system requirements ?

You need any computer that can run a web browser.

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