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"Simple & reliable cloud payroll for Indian businesses. Delight your employees every payday."

Payroll processing is one of the most unexciting tasks of the HR department which can take up most of the productive time meant to be applied to core issues of the human resource department. Under such circumstances, switching to online payroll software not only makes business sense, it may translate to an increased employee satisfaction, lesser risk of error, and greater flexibility.

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We, at Brio, offer the Perk Online payroll software , which is easy to use, reliable, and effective. Our payroll software gives the employer the flexibility to process employee payrolls anytime from anywhere. Our online payroll solution is easy to understand, does not require regular maintenance, and accounts for your statutory compliances as well.

The Perk online Payroll software not just takes care of the error-free salary calculations but also offers other features for:

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