January 10, 2022 by Satabdi Mukherjee

7 Features of Attendance and Payroll Mobile App


7 Features of Attendance and Payroll Mobile App

Payroll mistakes can be daunting to fix. Imagine paying out the wrong salary amount, or worse, no salary on payday because there has been a slip-up in the payroll excel sheets. What will happen to the morale of the employees if such errors in payroll processing keep cropping up?

Moreover, would you want your payroll team to spend countless hours reconciling data in the event that such errors show up? It’s a month-end headache that nobody in your team is looking forward to.

But there’s a solution to this recurring problem that can:

  • Streamline your payroll processes
  • Integrate HR and payroll functions
  • Automate payroll processing and tax compliance
  • Be accessed from anywhere - no need to come to the office
  • Be protected from misuse with access control and security measures

Wouldn’t you want it?

Invest in an employee attendance and payroll mobile app that has all the necessary features and helps your company scale. When your employees are happy, you will see increased productivity and improved retention as well.

There are hundreds of attendance and payroll software packages claiming to be the best for your company. How do you choose among them? How do you cut through the confusing jargon and determine the most essential features you need?

Let’s look at 7 features that an attendance and payroll software should have:

1. Contactless attendance

Whether you have WFH employees or field agents, attendance fraud is a real possibility. Biometric attendance systems are neither possible nor safe in a remote and pandemic-hit landscape, so alternatives are needed.

An attendance and payroll app should enable your employees to register their check-in and check-out times with a facial recognition system. Even offline, the app can capture a photo using the smartphone camera and send it with a timestamp to register attendance.

Live location of field agents can be captured and tracked using GPS capabilities.

2. Leave application and balance

Employees should be able to access their leave balance through the attendance and payroll app. They should also be able to apply for leaves and track the status of their leave requests.

Managers, in turn, can view leave requests of their teams and approve or reject them as appropriate. They should also be able to see the leave balance of their team members. Such a system ensures transparency and makes it convenient for employees and managers to process leaves.

3. Holiday list

Employees should be able to view the holiday list for the current as well as past year. This will help them plan their holidays and apply for leaves well in advance.

If an organization is spread across multiple states in India, region-specific holidays should reflect in the employee’s list along with gazetted holidays.

4. Company announcements

Employees are likely to have their smartphones around more often than their desktops or laptops. So, it makes sense to distribute company announcements, updates, and important messages through the attendance and payroll mobile app.

This ensures all employees are aware of all process and policy updates.

5. Automated alerts and notifications

An essential feature of a mobile app is the provision for notifications and alerts. Employees should receive timely automated alerts for the following events:

  • When a leave request is approved/rejected
  • When payslips are uploaded and salary is paid
  • When attendance (or check-in/check-out time) is marked--absent, present, short break, late, overtime
  • When a company announcement is made

6. Employee directory

Employees should be able to access the contact information of coworkers across departments should they require the information for meetings or to send messages. This enables smooth communication across the organization.

7. Secure access to payslips

One of the critical features of an attendance and payroll app is secure access to employee payslips. Payroll information is sensitive so it is essential to prevent misuse by enabling password protection.

Employees should be able to submit investment declarations along with proof and claim reimbursements. They should also receive timely alerts about upcoming deadlines.


A good attendance and payroll mobile app helps you manage both on-site and off-site employees and reduce payroll fraud. Invest in a cloud-based app like Perk Payroll to access essential HR and payroll features on the go.

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