June 25, 2021 by Satabdi Mukherjee

4 Benefits of Attendance and Payroll Management Mobile Apps


4 Benefits of Attendance and Payroll Management Mobile Appst


The COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to the regular ways of working, such as using biometric or RFID devices to manage payroll and attendance.

Apps for business process automation have seen a big jump because companies are scrambling to maintain business continuity in the middle of lockdowns and social distancing norms.

SMEs in particular can greatly benefit from the use of mobile apps for smooth and accurate payroll processing and attendance recording.

  • 1. The 2021 Zapier State of Business Automation Report found that 63% of small businesses used automation to quickly pivot from the damage caused by the pandemic.

  • 2. In the same report, 88% of small businesses used automation to compete with larger companies.

Attendance and payroll management apps have given employees some measure of control over their data, introduced greater transparency in payroll processing and attendance management, and reduced revenue leakage due to time thefts and payroll fraud.

Let’s explore these benefits in detail:

Benefits of attendance and payroll management mobile apps

1. Accurate payroll processing

Payroll has an effect on all aspects of a small business--from boosting employee satisfaction to maintaining the financial stability of the company.

Employees should have the confidence that they will be paid accurately and on time. Delayed or inaccurate payments cause employees to question the management and lose interest in their jobs.

A mobile app allows employees to work smarter and have greater control over their data. Payroll issues can be proactively detected and addressed.

2. Prevention of payroll fraud

A secure mobile app can prevent various types of payroll fraud, such as time theft, wage falsification, or ghost employees.

Methods like geo-fencing (ensures employees clock-in and clock-out at predetermined locations), geo-tracking (real-time tracking of employee’s location using GPS and timestamp), and selfie-uploads are used to authenticate employee attendance.

Notifications and reminders are used to prevent unnecessary overtime and even automatically clock employees out.

By plugging such avenues of revenue leakage, SMEs can strengthen their financial base and focus on business-critical tasks.

3. Access to real-time data

The freedom that a mobile app accords both managers and team members is unparalleled.

  • 1. Managers can leverage real-time insights to make better strategic decisions, approve leave requests, manage shift timings, track attendance, and receive important updates.

  • 2. Similarly, employees can access their time and attendance information, submit their tax information, request leaves and reimbursements, and receive updates.

4. Increased worker productivity and happiness

A mobile-first approach to attendance and payroll management leads to happier and more productive workers. This is because employees have the freedom to clock in and clock out directly from their smartphones no matter where they are.

Greater transparency in payroll processing gives employees confidence and builds trust within the company. Conforming to tax and other legal regulations also helps employees stay abreast of statutory requirements.

The Zapier report, mentioned previously, also found that 2 out of 3 workers became more productive as a result of automation. When freed from time-consuming, laborious tasks, employees are able to focus on value-added jobs.


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